Starfleet Academy: The Premise

This entry is part 2 of 13 in the series Starfleet Academy.

Last week, I started a new series where I’m going to outline some ideas that I have for a new Star Trek TV show. This is all hypothetical, obviously. It’s a work of fanfiction for my own amusement… …although if there’s someone from Paramount that wants to make a show…

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Rebooting a Classic: Star Trek

This entry is part 1 of 13 in the series Starfleet Academy.

As I’ve said before, every now and then, an idea gets stuck in my head and starts rattling around. That’s part and parcel of being a writer, I know, but sometimes, those ideas are…well, kind of worthless, simply because I can’t do anything with them. They’re ideas that can best…

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