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On What Has Now Been Sown

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This was one of the first short stories I ever sold to anyone. And you can read it just by clicking here!

John’s Spec Scripts

In one of my Geek Confessional posts, I talked about how I wrote four spec scripts for some TV shows back when I was in the college and Seminary. Well, you can see what I was up to by reading these scripts for yourselves. Fair warning: these scripts are at least 15 years old. I’d like to think my skill as a writer has gotten better over time. But I didn’t do anything to clean these scripts up. They’re presented “as is.” Enjoy!

Deep Space Nine: Heritage — Worf’s son, Alexander, comes to Bajor to undergo a controversial genetic therapy that his father doesn’t approve of. And Quark learns the horrible truth about his father as well.

Deep Space Nine: TroiI don’t remember what the title of this one was. A group of aliens come to Deep Space Nine and when Jake Sisko saves their leader from an assassin, he’s given an unusual present in thanks. And Worf finds himself in a sticky situation since Counselor Deanna Troi is escorting the aliens to the station and apparently, she wants to get back together with him. I think this episode may have also featured some creative plagiarism on my part from a story originally written by Peter David. I think. Probably a good thing I didn’t sell it.

Lois & Clark: The Joker — Remember Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman? I loved that show. And I wanted to write an episode with my favorite DC supervillain in it. Hence why the Joker comes to Metropolis for some playtime.

The X-Files: Gyges — When I was in college, I learned about the Myth of Gyges and decided that it would make a great foundation for an X-Files episode. Very preachy, very pedantic.

John’s Fanfic

In one of my Geek Confessional posts, I talked about how I wrote a four-part Star Trek/Star Wars crossover story. The entire thing is entitled “Tangled Web,” and it will hurt. A lot. You’ve been warned:

Tangled Web Part I – In which bounty hunters Jadzia Dax, Worf, and Boba Fett are given a high profile target, one that exposes Dax’s secret past.

Tangled Web Part II – In which Voyager must confront a deadly new threat from the forces of evil.

Tangled Web Part III – In which the pilots of Rogue Squadron must deal with a new threat against Deep Space Nine.

Tangled Web Part IV – In which the forces of the New United Republic of Planets must fight to save all realities everywhere.

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