Stuff John Likes

Here are a bunch of websites that John either likes or are about things that John likes.

Ministry Related

Here are some websites related to John’s work as a Lutheran minister:

Education Related

These are the websites of the schools that John has attended.

Writing Related

These websites are related to John’s work as a writer.

  • American Christian Fiction Writers: John wouldn’t be a published author today if it wasn’t for ACFW. He’s learned a lot from them over the years and is proud of his membership.
  • Enclave Publishing: This is the company that originally published John’s book.
  • Minnesota NICE: John belonged to this chapter of ACFW when he began his journey to publication. He misses them a lot.
  • Realm Makers: A collective of speculative fiction writers and fans. John is not nearly as active as he should be on this one.
  • One Year Adventure Novel: A high school homeschool writing curriculum. John has taught at their summer workshop for a number of years and looks forward to it every time.

Music Related

John has an eclectic taste in music. Here are some of the bands that he likes.

  • Tangled Blue: A folk rock Christian duo, Joel and Aimee Pakan are simply awesome. If you want to get a sample of their music, you can get a free song by subscribing to John’s e-mail newsletter.
  • Lost and Found: Their music defies classification (they call it “Speedwood”). John has been a fan of theirs for over twenty years now. Great music, but it’s an acquired taste.
  • Da Mac: A Christian rapper that John learned about through a mutual friend. He’s got some great albums!
  • Flame: Another Christian rapper. John learned about him because Flame recently graduated from his alma mater and released some albums about his journey to Lutheranism.

Just Plain Fun

Here’s a random listing of links that John likes:

  • The Fascinating Podcast: Hosted by Kathy Khang, Clay Morgan, JR Foresteros, and Matt Mikalatos. They conduct interviews with all sorts of people (including John). Their discussions cover a wide range of topics and they are always entertaining.
  • Dungeon Drunks: A liveplay Dungeons & Dragons podcast. Always fun!
  • Board games. The geekier, the better. John’s all-time favorites include Suburbia, Betrayal at House on the Hill, and other complex strategy games.

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