Stuff John Likes

Here are a bunch of websites that John either likes or are about things that John likes.

Ministry Related

Here are some websites related to John’s work as a Lutheran minister:

Education Related

These are the websites of the schools that John has attended.

Writing Related

These websites are related to John’s work as a writer.

Music Related

John has an eclectic taste in music. Here are some of the bands that he likes.

Just Plain Fun

Here’s a random listing of links that John likes:

  • Blimey Cow: John stumbled across their video series a while back and he loves them. He also really enjoys their expanded podcast network, especially “The Fellowship Gamer.”
  • The StoryMen Podcast: The StoryMen are Clay Morgan, JR Foresteros, and Matt Mikalatos. They conduct interviews with all sorts of people (including John). Their discussions cover a wide range of topics and they are always entertaining.
  • The Dice Tower: If you’re looking for comprehensive reviews of board games (one of John’s passions), this is a good place to check.
  • Dr. McNinja: He’s a doctor. He’s a ninja. He’s Irish. He’s hilarious. If you haven’t heard of the good doctor before, go check him out. Now. Like, right now.

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