Gauntlet Goes to Prom

Gauntlet Goes to Prom Cover - FinalEven superheroes go to prom…

Ben Laughlin has faced some scary situations. After all, he’s a teenage superhero, known to the world as the powerful Gauntlet. But taking his girlfriend, Elizabeth Booth, to the prom? It’s too bad he can’t go in costume.

Ben wants this to be more than just one dance, one night. He has big plans that extend beyond the dance floor and could very well change his entire life. But life as a superhero is never simple.

Ben’s younger brother, Rob, has his eyes set on Elizabeth as well. So when Rob shows up at prom in HIS alter-ego as the superhero Failstate, is it to ruin Ben’s well-laid plans? Or is it a hint that something much more dangerous is brewing?

Reviews & Endorsements:

Far from being a throwaway extra, Gauntlet Goes to Prom is a full story in and of itself, containing events that seriously impact the world Otte has created. Otte manages to reintegrate readers (new and old) into the story’s world without making such explanation half the material. Instead, it flows naturally through the story, which, of course, centers on Gauntlet and his romantic relationship with Liz that began at the end of Failstate. But it isn’t all mushy relationship issues. There are a number of action scenes that are written in Otte’s intentional comic book style. ~ Josh Olds, reviewer at Life Is Story

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Gauntlet Goes to Prom

Cover Art by Carlo Garde and Katja Louhio

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