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In my debut novel, Failstate, I mentioned a hymn entitled “On What Has Now Been Sown.” I included it because I thought the words intersected with my story in a unique way. Well, when the book was being published, I asked some friends of mine to record that hymn for my readers. Much to my delight, they did!

tbheadshotMy friends call themselves Tangled Blue. They’re a husband and wife team that I’ve known since college (Joel was my roommate my freshman year). I simply love what they’ve put together. I’m sure you will too.

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  1. Loved Book 1 and just bought Book 2! Can’t wait to listen to the song. It’s nice to see other writers who love using music in their novels. Working on getting my Fantasy Novel revised then formatted for E-book while my Agent works on in Print. I just wrote my own songs and are recording them myself *LOL* One thing for sure, I relate to Robin WAY TOO MUCH even though I’ll be 43 this year! LUV YA BUNCHES IN JESUS WITH THANKFULNESS FOR THIS SERIES WITH CHARACTERS I ADORE!
    TK ^___~

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