Failstate: Legends

Failstate Legends higher resA young superhero.
A legend reborn.
And a whole mess of zombies.

Failstate (aka Robin Laughlin) thought his life would get easier after he’d earned his superhero license. But now a legendary superhero has returned from the dead…along with a horde of shambling horrors who want to eat his brains.

New Chayton’s other licensed heroes are indisposed, meaning that the whole weight of protecting the city has fallen on Failstate. And nobody thinks he’s up to the challenge. At least he has help from his older brother, Gauntlet, and his best friend, Veritas. Or does he?

As if the zombie apocalypse weren’t enough, complicating things are not one but two beautiful girls vying for Failstate/Robin’s affections—and his own powers are doing something…interesting.

In the superhero business, interesting is bad.

Legends walk the streets of New Chayton. If Failstate can somehow survive the next few weeks, he could become one of them.

Reviews & Endorsements:

Failstate Legends had me reading late into night, trying to figure out the mystery all while rooting for and identifying with Failstate as he seeks to use his superpowers to better the world. And, in the end, isn’t that what the Christian life is all about? Individuals imbued supernaturally with special abilities meant to use them to make the world a better place? I eagerly await to read more from this wonderful world Otte has created. ~ Josh Olds, reviewer at

In Legends, John W. Otte pens a slam-bang sequel to Failstate. I sat down to sneak a quick peek into the story and didn’t get up until I’d finished it. With a plot that keeps twisting like your favorite roller coaster ride, zombies on the loose, and Failstate’s superpowers doing some surprising things, there’s never a dull moment in Legends.
Reading about Failstate, Gauntlet, and Veritas felt like hanging out with old friends. And I enjoyed meeting the new cast of characters as well.
For a superhero, life’s often a non-stop cycle of saving the world from one major disaster after another, but sometimes it’s the little things that really count. I loved the way Legends demonstrated this. Failstate does his fair share of world-saving, but it was in those little moments of humility and those little acts of service, that he really shone.
I definitely recommend both Failstate and Legends for any fan of superheroes! ~ Gillian Adams

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Failstate: Legends (Failstate, #2)

Cover Art by Carlo Garde and Katja Louhio

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