The Failstate Series

bigstock-Menacing-silhouette-of-hooded--45648625The Failstate series follows the adventures of a teenage superhero named Failstate. He’s not what you would call a traditional hero. His power is essentially “breaking stuff” and he has to wear second-hand clothing because his powers have a tendency to eat through whatever he’s wearing. He also has to hide his face from the public, because his powers have disfigured him.

In spite of his disadvantages, Failstate still does his best to protect the city of New Chayton from villains, criminals, and evil-doers. Check out his adventures in Failstate, Gauntlet Goes to Prom, Failstate: Legends, Kynetic: On Target, and Failstate: Nemesis.

You can also learn more by watching the following book trailers:

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