Don’t Call It a Comeback X2

By my reckoning, it has been a year and a half since I’ve written a post here. A year and a half. Holy cow. So where have I been?

Well, obviously not here. But while I may have left my blog and my website go fallow, there’s a couple of reasons why.

For starters, life has kicked me pretty hard as of late. A year and a half ago, the senior pastor of the congregation I serve took a new position at a different congregation back in the great state of Minnesota. As a result, I’ve had to take on added responsibilities that have kept me running and running and running. That’s not a complaint, it’s just a description of the situation. Given the new realities of my life, something had to give, and updating this blog was what gave.

Actually, that’s not the only thing that gave. Sadly, my writing went on hiatus as well. Oh, I kept eking out a few words here, a few words there, but my current project (which is still called #GottaBeBae because I stink at titles) got put on hold more times than I could remember. As a matter of fact, for a while there, I couldn’t remember how long I had been working on it. Apparently it’s only been a year and a half, but I swear it’s been longer.

And finally, to put it bluntly, I guess I didn’t have that much to say. It seemed silly to update a blog with little nothing posts about…well, nothing. So I just let it all fall by the wayside.

But a new year is fast approaching. I’m not saying life has gotten any easier. In some ways, it’s only going to get more complicated from here. But I felt the need to dust off my little corner of the Internet and stick my toe in the proverbial water again.

So when will you hear more from me? I’ve got a few ideas rattling around my brain. I guess it will depend on if I can scratch out some time to put it all down.

So welcome back to the Least Read Blog on the Web. Hopefully this won’t be the last we see of each other.

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  1. I’ve been busy writing Eirinth Book 2 so I understand your situation. Life can smack you in the head sometimes when you’re trying to do the things that God has given you to do, so creative endeavors can get in the way of responsibilities. I still LOVE FAILSTATE, and I was looking forward to the sequel to THE HIVE. I’m sure all my readers left for Timbuktu since it’s been 3 years since Eirinth Book 1 came out, but I’m happy to report it is finally in the Dayton Metro Library here in Ohio. I still tell all those I speak with about my book about your stories too since I think they are all well-written, spiritually uplifting, and just fun to read! Blessing wished for you and your ongoing ministries. I still have memories of posting things from the hospital as part of your launch team for THE HIVE, so don’t give up even if the writing is slow going. “May Tenrai Daystar shine down on you with blessings beyond sublime dreams!” Eirinthian Blessing by Tonja Condray Klein(c)2009-19.

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