A Day in the Office: A Dr. McNinja Cosplay Story

So I recently turned 40. And my brother-in-law gave me a rather…unique present.

He brought me the pieces necessary to do a little Dr. McNinja cosplay.

Who’s Dr. McNinja, you ask? Why, he’s a doctor who’s also a ninja. He hangs out with a Mexican boy who grew a thick and luxurious mustache through sheer force of will. His office receptionist is a gorilla named Judy who communicates through American Sign Language.

Who is Dr. McNinja? He’s awesome, and you should go check him out. Like right now. Go. I’ll wait.

So here’s the results. I think the story is pretty self-explanatory:

doc and gordito 1in the office 1in the office 2in the office 3in the office 4in the office 5


Apparently the creator of Dr. McNinja liked our little story:

chris hastings reaction

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