A Look Back at 2015

2015So we’ve made it to the end of this year. It’s been another interesting one, to say the least. This year saw the publication of The Hive for me, and while the reviews have been a little mixed, I’m glad that so many people have taken the time to read it.

Speaking of reading, I managed to complete my Goodreads challenge for this year. I polished off 70 books (and I may have snuck in a few more every here and there).

But this was also an interesting year for me in terms of blogging. I was a little sporadic through the year. I tried my hand at a few series (some of which did well, some not so much). The Geek Confessional was fun to do and I’m planning on taking more turns in it in 2016. And I still have my on-going diatribe about neo pseudo gnosticism (sorry that I didn’t post this week; life came up, but more on that tomorrow).

But let’s look at some hard facts, shall we? I popped through my stats tonight and here are the top ten blog posts that I wrote this past year, as judged by the number of times someone read it (now this is posts, mind you. If someone looks at a page–like info on one of my books–that doesn’t count).

So what was the most viewed post of 2015? Well, here they are:

  1. Let’s Talk about That Flag – This was my first foray into writing about current events. I’m loath to do that usually, mostly because I have a tendency to shoot off my mouth first and then think about it later. But for some reason this year, the broohaha about the Confederate battle standard just got me riled up and I had to say something about it. Whether people agreed with me or not, a lot of folks stopped by to see what I had to say.
  2. Rebooting a Classic: Quantum Leap – This was a post that I actually wrote in 2014, but a lot of people have stumbled across it since then. I think it’s because I’m one of the few people talking about rebooting this show, so if someone does a Google search, they wind up with this post toward the top. This one prompted me to write a whole series on rebooting Star Trek, but that wasn’t as well received as this one.
  3. A Growing Sense of Unease – For some reason, the first post of my neo pseudo gnosticism series garnered a lot of attention as well.
  4. On the Black Widow Controversy – Again, I dipped my toe into current events just a little bit, tackling the controversy over Black Widows’s behavior in the latest Avengers movie.
  5. Getting Caught by the Death Trap – Once again, this is an older post, but people keep tumbling to it. Maybe it has to do with the whole “death trap” business? I don’t know.
  6. Why I Like “I Dislike The Fault in Our Stars” – Yet another old one that somehow made it to this list again. I still stand by my approval of a YouTube review of John Green’s book. I still haven’t seen the movie adaptation, although I did pick up the Blu Ray of Paper Towns the other day. Didn’t get the chance to see that in the theaters, so I’m kind of looking forward to that.
  7. Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens – Oddly enough, this came in at position #7. And no, I did not manipulate anything to have this happen. Happy coincidence, I guess. Still, enough people stopped by to check out my spoiler-free review. There might be a more spoilerific post coming soon. Just a head’s up.
  8. Big and Little News Wednesday – Quite a few people stopped by to hear about Failstate being spotted in the wild. I still would love to see pictures if you spot any of my books in a bookstore. 🙂
  9. Heart and Soul – I have no idea why this Easter message is so popular, but here it is.
  10. Inside Out – Apparently people like to hear what I have to say about movies. This is still one of the best movies that I saw in 2015.

So there we have it, folks. The Top 10 Blog Posts. It’s an interesting spread of subjects, but it would seem that y’all like it when I touch on movies? Huh. Wouldn’t have expected that.

So what does 2016 have in store? Well, tune in tomorrow, because there’s a big change coming on the horizon for me…

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