Okay, so I’m a little tardy to the party…

…ugh, I hate myself for writing that right now.

Anyway, I know, Ant-Man has been out in theaters for, like, a whole three days (which, at this point, is like almost out the door in the modern movie industry), and that means that everyone has had a chance to share their opinions about this movie. But I just got back from seeing it with my brother-in-law (part of my “brain trust” that helped put together my Failstate series), and hey, I’ve got opinions about stuff too!

Ant-Man-Poster-ThorSo let’s sum up the story. Dr. Hank Pym has created something he’s called “the Pym Particle.” This is something that he’s tried to keep under lock-and-key so it won’t fall into the wrong hands, but now his protege, Darren Cross, has come close to unlocking the particle’s secrets. Pym doesn’t want that to happen, so he has to find someone who can break into the lab and make sure that Cross doesn’t make his breakthrough.

Who he finds is Scott Lang. Lang is a burglar, one who just got done serving a lengthy prison sentence. He wants desperately to “go straight” for the sake of his daughter, but he’s finding that life on the outside just doesn’t contain many breaks for someone like him. Pym recruits Lang into his plot to stop Cross, giving him the Ant-Man suit to help facilitate the job, with the promise that if they are successful, Pym will help get Lang’s life back on track.

But of course, nothing goes according to plan. Otherwise there’d be no movie, right?

So what did I think? I loved it. There was a great deal of humor laced throughout the movie (I mean, with Paul Rudd as a leading man, what else would you expect?). The tone is maybe a little different than some of the other Marvel movies, but that’s actually okay. Basically, they took what amounts to a heist movie and injected superheroes into it. And it works. It works very, very well.

So if you’re a Marvel fan, be sure to go check this out. And for this one, stay through to the very end. Two tags at the end, people! Two!


  1. Oh, I did enjoy Ant-man, yes, I did. I loved seeing Falcon and hope someday he’ll have his own movie. The motif of story-telling (I know a guy) was absolutely wonderful.

  2. Loved it. As the Marvel-verse has gotten bigger, it’s gotten harder for them to just tell one interesting story. This fits really well within the established continuity, but isn’t weighed down by it. Also loved the Ant-man/Falcon fight. Really felt like an issue from the comics where another heroes shows up in a character’s line.

    Literally, my only complaint is the apprearance of Howard Stark in the beginning, just because it skews Iron Man’s original story a little bit. But that’s it.

    Look forward to seeing Ant-man and company in future Marvel projects.

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