Enclave Publishing’s Fall Line Kickstarter Extravaganza!

As a lot of you know, the publisher who has released all of my novels thus far was bought and eventually rebranded. It’s been interesting watching the transition…well, not exactly from the sidelines, but not from the line of scrimmage either. I’m not exactly sure what sports metaphor I should use for “guy who had a book contracted with the former owner which was inherited by the new.” Some sort of special teams player maybe?

Sorry. Tangent. That happens when I wander into unfamiliar territory like sports. Or color coordinating my outfits.

Anyway, it’s been a lot of fun working with Steve Laube and his team to get Failstate: Nemesis ready to go. I recently finished off a round of edits with the fabulous Karen Ball. And pretty soon, you’ll all get to see the fruits of our labors.

Actually, you can reserve your copy right now.

As a way to help people pre-order the books they want from the new fall line, Enclave Publishing is running a Kickstarter campaign. This is a great way to reserve a copy of one (or all) of the fantastic books that will be released in just a few short months and get them at a discounted price. Go check it out right now:

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