Fantasy Reflections: Magical Objects

My friend and fellow author Gillian Bronte Adams asked an interesting question over at her blog yesterday. It was thought provoking, to say the least:

Fantasy Reflections 3

When I saw that question, I immediately thought of the One Ring, but let’s face it, that wouldn’t be any fun, what with being chased by nazgûl and slowly turning into something like Gollum. But then I remembered the One Ring’s spiritual ancestor, the Ring of Gyges, which can turn a person invisible. But then I remembered Plato’s point about the ring was that sort of power would corrupt a person anyway. It may not drive them into the depths of a cave, where you’d wait to play at riddles with nasty Hobbitses, but it’s still maybe not the healthiest object to own.

Then I thought of the DragonCrown from Michael Stackpole’s DragonCrown War Cycle. The bearer of the Crown can control every dragon alive. Some assembly is required since the Crown was broken into pieces many years ago, but even possessing one segment allows you to control a dragon or two. Very cool, but then, a lot of people would want that, so I suppose I’d be painting a bullseye on my back.

And that’s as far as I got. So I thought I’d ask you: What magical object would you want to own?

Thanks, Gillian, for asking such a thought-provoking question. And hey, after you answer my question here, do me a favor and go over to Gillian’s blog and answer her there. And like her on Facebook while you’re at it, okay?


  1. That’s a tough question, of course. I think I’ll go for the “elvish sword of great antiquity” and the accompanying iconic brass lantern from the original Zork game (which is also of great antiquity — I would have to be at least twice my age to have played it in its authentic environment).

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