How I Would Have Written Star Wars Episode I

Happy Star Wars Day, everyone!

In honor of this special occasion, I decided to do something a little…well, different. I’ve had this rattling around in my brain for a while now, and I decided it was time to let it out and see what people think.

And so, I present to you, the way I would have written Star Wars Episode I.

Please feel free to share the video with your friends if you’re so inclined. And let me know what you think.

May the Force be with you!


  1. You’re pretty much the archetypal prosumer — media savvy consumer who remixes and re-creates prolifically. I guess that’s the modern version of the renaissance man.

    I wish I had time to watch your videos. But your gripe about not using the theme music because of copyright makes me smile. It’s kind of a shame that the only way you can make a Star Wars fan video without getting taken down or worse is by shooting yourself narrating it.

    Hmm… that must be expanded universe continuity. I know pretty much nothing about the expanded universe, but I think some of those connections would have made the movie universe more convincing.

    Fanboy question, if you have time to answer it — Which has a better extended universe, Star Wars or Star Trek? For me, believability of the worldbuilding is probably the most important thing. Trek can be very campy, but it always tries to take itself seriously, which allows me to believe in the universe. Wars is definitely more mythic, which I think is good, but I’m not sure if the extended universe would be tight enough to interest me. I think there’s a general assumption that Wars is sloppy with the sci-fi element, at least.

    • My personal opinion is that the Star Wars universe is better in terms of extended universe. There seemed to be a better attempt at cohesion overall. At least, that’s the way it seemed to me. I’ve consumed novels from both fandoms, but I seem to remember and enjoy the SW ones better than ST.

      • Interesting. Thanks! I need to read some of the Star Wars novels.

        I’ve only read a couple Star Trek novels, and I played the MMO Star Trek Online a little bit. The Trek novel I recently read is quite good, though. I can see that the continuity with the show is kind of tenuous, but the worldbuilding is strong. The narrative might not be as mythic as Star Wars stories tend to be, but it still has impressive themes, including religious themes.

        It’s Day of the Vipers by James Swallow, and I have a review of it that I hope to edit and publish soon.

        • If you’re going to read the Star Wars novels, start with the “classics,” by which I mean Timothy Zahn’s original Thrawn trilogy and Michael Stackpole’s X-Wing series. That’s what really got me into the Extended Universe and they’re definitely worth it.

          It’s been a very long time since I read a Star Trek novel. I honestly can’t remember what the last one was. I do know that if Peter David wrote it, I was all over it. 🙂

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