ICYMI – Supergirl Trailer

I thought 2014/15 was a good TV season to be a geek? Boy howdy, 2015/16 is turning into an even better year. And here’s part of the big reason why. If you haven’t watched it yet, you really need to.

I have no words. None. This looks. SO. GOOD.

Well, wait, with one major exception: Calista Flockhart. What is up with her lips? So weird.

But the rest of it? I was in the moment Kara carried that plane over the bridge. I love the fact that they are at least nodding at the Big Blue Boyscout (although I’d be ecstatic if they could figure out a way for him to appear once in a great while).

I do have one simple request, given that this is being made by the same company as The Flash and Arrow and the untitled superhero teamup show. There must be a crossover episode. Nay, there must be a massive crossover event. An epic, two week, eight part showdown. Bring in Arrow, Arsenal, the Atom, Flash, Captain Cold, Firestorm, Supergirl, everyone who shows up in the team-up show. And Green Lantern as well (I caught the little tease this week, Barry! Bring it!).

And really, there’s only one person who should be at the center of this epic battle:

DarkseidYou can all thank me later. Berlanti, make it happen!

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  1. It’s very exciting. I am looking forward to (assuming Netflix Australia gets it) watching this series.

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