Kynetic: On Target is Live!

Today’s the big day! Kynetic: On Target is now available exclusively through Amazon. Go grab a copy (or download a copy or however you put it) today!

Kynetic Cover FinalSometimes you’re the hunter. Sometimes you’re the target…

The amateur superhero Kynetic knows what she wants: her own vigilante license from the government and to be partners with Failstate, both as heroes and romantically. And what Kyn wants, she usually gets.

But this time, she’s facing an obstacle, namely Failstate’s girlfriend, Charlene. If only Kyn could get her out of the way…

When a trio of supervillains known as the Hel’s Belles offer to help Kyn take out a more powerful criminal, she knows they can’t be trusted. But Kyn recognizes it as a way to not only advance her career, but drive a wedge between Failstate and Charlene.

Kynetic could get everything she’s ever wanted, but only if she can remain on target.

Please help me spread the word (if you don’t mind)!

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