One Year Gone

helper-clipart-aTepx6AT4Okay, not really. I launched my new website and relaunched this blog back in February, but since 2014 is about to fade away (and a good thing too; I really didn’t like this year for a lot of different reasons), I thought it might be fun to take a look back at the previous “year” and see what kind of stuff I can learn by poking through my stats. A plug-in I have on this website (JetPack) kind of did that for me already with a really cool infographic. But hey, I don’t mind sifting through the numbers in a haphazard way for myself, so let’s see what I can figure out.

Top Posts

Here are the top ten posts, by which I mean blog posts, not pages, so if someone checked out my page on Failstate (which happened 124 times, apparently).

  1. Launch Contest Officially Open! Apparently people like free stuff in contests. Who knew?
  2. Rebooting a Classic: Quantum Leap. I’ve actually noticed a lot of traffic has come into my site because of this post. Apparently I’m not the only fan that wouldn’t mind seeing this series rebooted, seeing as I get at least one or two people dropping in after Googling “Quantum Leap reboot.”
  3. Let’s Cast Numb! In which I ruminate on who I would want to play which characters in a hypothetical movie version of my book. I suspect what brings people in on this one is that they’re looking for pictures of the stars in question, not because they’re hoping for my book to be turned into a movie.
  4. A Day in the Office: A Dr. McNinja Cosplay Story. One of my personal favorites as well.
  5. Amish Vampires in Space. Anything I can do to help steer people to this fantastic book is time well spent.
  6. Why I Like “I Dislike ‘The Fault in Our Stars.'” When I came across this video on YouTube, it articulated a lot of my thoughts on this particular book and I felt I had to share it. Apparently other people wanted to see this video too. Good thing.
  7. What Kind of Plans Does God Have for Us? One of my first Monday morning devotional posts, this one still gets a pop every now and then. It’s also one of my favorites, in which I dissect one of the most misused Bible verses out there.
  8. The Incredibles 2 & Star Wars Episode 7 News. This one mystifies me a little. I think it was simply a case of me writing about the right thing at the right time.
  9. Follow the Buzzards… In which I tell the story of how I unwittingly baptized the daughter of a WWE Superstar. For reals.
  10. Win a Copy of Failstate: Nemesis (and More!) And it all comes full circle, what with the free give-away and such.

It’s a pretty good list, I think. Are there some posts that I wish had popped onto this list? Sure. I particularly like If You Want to Make God Laugh… since I’m still chuckling over the irony. As the countdown continues until we get to see The Force Awakens, it’d be cool if Requiem for a Universe got a little more love. Speaking of requiems, I also think it’d be nice if more people had read my piece on Slenderman. And I’d really like more people to see what I’ve been up to with my hypothetical Starfleet Academy TV show. But it’s been a good year. I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings!

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