So a while back, I shared a video by a guy named CGP Grey about how more and more jobs are becoming automated. If you haven’t watched that video yet, please feel free to get caught up. If you want. It’s still an interesting video.

One of the things that Grey brought up is that ‘bots are starting to do more creative things. Part of the video has background music created by an AI program that could write music. And it got me wondering how long it would take before someone tried to have a ‘bot write a story, effectively putting me out of a job.

Well, someone tried. A team fed an AI program a bunch of sci fi scripts and then asked it to write a screenplay based on what it saw. They then got some actors and a crew and filmed whatever the AI produced. The result is a short film called Sunspring. And it is trippy:

After watching that, I think my job as a storyteller is secure for a little while longer.

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