The Stories of Starfleet Academy Seasons 5-7

I know I’ve been teasing that I would end this series for a while, but these story arc posts took longer to do than I anticipated. The Death of Romulus idea kind of took on a life of its own in my imagination. But I figured we’d have to discuss how the aftermath would shake out.

I also decided (rather arbitrarily) that I would give myself seven seasons in this hypothetical TV show. 60% of Star Trek shows go to seven seasons, after all. So what would happen in the final two seasons?

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of details, but here’s what I think would happen.

Season 5 & 6

Call these the Seasons of War. Whatever war kicked off at the end of Season 4 would spill over into these two and have some serious ramifications for our cadets. For one thing, I think it would accelerate their careers a little. They’ve proven themselves over the previous four seasons and shown that they have true potential, so I think they would be fast-tracked into being officers. That would get them out of the Academy more often and into front line type of situations.

But it would also cause them a great deal of psychological angst, I would think. All four of them enrolled at the Academy during peacetime. Then, just as they should be going out on a grand adventure to places where no one has gone before, they find themselves going to battle against whoever it is that invaded whoever else (still haven’t decided if it would be Klingons or the Dominion or the Borg or who).

But at the same time, this war would prove to be a crucible for our heroes. They would find themselves in situations that test their abilities and they all begin to shine as potential officers. They are getting noticed by the brass at Starfleet.

The war itself wouldn’t be as drawn out as the Dominion War on Deep Space Nine. It would be over by the end of the sixth season. The Federation would have to win…I think. It might be interesting if Starfleet lost. What do you think?

But for the sake of argument, we’ll say that they win. Our heroes are more mature, maybe a little wiser. But they’re also determined. They know that while the Federation may have won this war, there’s a deeper problem that has to be addressed, namely the existence of the Big Bad who caused this whole situation in the first place. Even as they celebrate their victory, Kam and the others decide amongst themselves that they have to deal with the Big Bad once and for all.

Season 7

This would be a season of wrapping up loose ends. The cadets (or former cadets) would be active in trying to take down the conspirators who have made their lives miserable for the last seven years. They would also be facing their futures. Where will they be going? Out onto the frontier? Or will they be assigned to be support staff on a boring starbase?

In the end, they manage to unmask the Big Bad and defeat them (who they turn out to be is still an open question for me). And in the final episode, we would see one of the cadets rise above the others and be the one who is on the cusp of becoming a legend in his or her own right.

So there we have it. What do you think? Who do you think would become the next legendary captain? Did I miss any storylines that should be included? And how do you suppose I can get this to Paramount? I know that this was an exercise in fan fiction, but it would be fun to see how this could be brought to life, wouldn’t it?

Ah, well. Let me know your final thoughts, whatever they are. And be sure to share!


  1. What if the Big Bad are agents of the Typhon Pact? That ties things in with the novels…

    • I’ve heard very little about the Typhon Pact, so I’ll have to plead ignorance on that one. The other problem is that the novels have never been considered canonical (more’s the pity with some of them), and so I kind of went with that rule for myself on this one.

  2. I think the Federation should be changed significantly by the end of this series. Maybe Starfleet wins the war, but the Federation mostly collapsed. Or maybe the Big Bad’s agents in the Federation begin a civil war. Maybe the civil war isn’t even Starfleet against Starfleet. Maybe the Big Bag founded a new military arm of the Federation — ostensibly for defense purposes — and then this new military ends up fighting Starfleet.

    Of your characters, Herschel has the most potential to fulfill a monomythic hero role, so he might fulfill the role as the next legendary captain most strongly. (Not most naturally. Obviously Kam would be the most natural choice.)

    Yeah, it would be great if you could do something real in the Trek universe some day. Maybe whenever a new Trek show finally goes on air, the franchise will be looking for more Trek material for tie-ins.

    • I agree about changing the Federation in a significant way. That’s why I’d push for Starfleet to actually lose the war in a major way, maybe losing some key planets and resources. I don’t know, just spitballing here. 🙂

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