Wordcount Wednesday

Wow. Interesting week. Very interesting week.

So let’s get rolling:

The R-Rated Bible

Big news on this front. I finished the first draft this week. As of right now, it clocks in at 34,963 words. And I feel pretty good about it. I think it all came together. I managed to sneak in a few extra chapters. There might be one more to write yet, but I haven’t quite figured that out yet. Plenty of time to work on it in revisions.

The Kynetic Novella

I’m starting the first round of revisions on this one, mostly reading it right now. It’s turning out to be better than I expected. Some fixes need to be made, sure, but overall, I think it works. I still don’t have a title for it.

The Generation Ship Story

This is probably going to be my next project. I’ve been doing some mulching on this idea lately. Thanks to some brainstorming help from my agent and a good friend (thanks, Amanda and Jill!). Maybe I’ll have things ready to go by the end of the month. I hate to admit this because I’ve been a little distracted lately by…


Okay, so that one’s in the bag and has been for a while now. But yesterday, I found out that Numb was named a finalist in the 2014 Christy Awards. I’m humbled at the news, even more so when I realized I was in the same category as Patrick Carr and Anne Elisabeth Stengl.

Not only that, but starting next Monday, Numb will be featured on the Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog Tour. So I’ve been doing a couple of interviews and preparing some special posts as part of that.

So there we go, folks. Have a blessed Easter!

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