Wordcount Wednesday

Ah, there we go. Now this feels like home.

This is one of the things that I missed most during my absence from the blogosphere (if that’s not what we call it anymore, I really hope someone will tell me), these chances to report in on whatever writing projects I have rattling around on my computer. Sure, there were weeks when I didn’t want to report in, when I hadn’t been able to crank out much for one reason or another. But it kept me honest. It kept me writing.

So here’s what I’ve got on tap.

Failstate #3

That’s right, I’ve been putting the finishing touches on the third Failstate book. My original working title for this one was “Failstate: Reflections,” but a few of my beta readers commented that that sounded like a devotional book. Or a bonnet-and-buggy story.

Can’t you just picture Failstate wearing Amish headgear?

Anyway, now I’m tentatively calling it “Failstate: Refractions.” We’ll see if that sticks. Hopefully I’ll be able to send it into the publisher soon. I don’t know when it will release yet, but I’ll keep everyone up-to-date.

The Kynetic Novella

I just started writing a novella from Kynetic’s perspective. It’s a story that will bridge between Failstate: Legends and the third book.

That’s all I’m sharing right now. Well, except for the current wordcount. It’s sitting at 2,177 words and I expect that will grow. I’ve got some fun ideas in the hopper for that one.

The R-Rated Bible

This one is…well, it’s a little odd for me. This isn’t speculative fiction. It’s not even fiction. That’s right. I’m working on a non-fiction book.

Let me back up and explain.

Over the years, when I’ve led Bible studies, my parishioners and I keep running across certain stories within the Bible that are, shall we say, a little more risque than you might hear in a worship service or Sunday School classroom. At one point, I started making a running joke that I was going to preach a sermon series entitled “The R-Rated Bible” and just talk about all of these stories at length. But, given the subject matter, it would probably be best if I saved it until right before I retired. That way, no one would have the chance to run me out of town.

Then, at some point, I thought, why not put it all in a book? And I’d call it “The R-Rated Bible.” Once again, I thought it was a lark. No way would anyone ever be interested in that.

But then, at the Christy Awards gala, I was sitting with my agent and I mentioned in passing that I had this idea and kind of explained what would go into it. Much to my surprise, she seemed interested. So I wrote a few chapters. And it seems to be coming together kind of nicely.

As of right now, I’ve written 12,923 words. I’m liking how it’s going so far. I work on this one when I can. I’m actually worried about length; I’m not sure I have enough material for a full book. But it’s been a fun process. We’ll see where it takes me.

So there we go. Three projects; one about to be turned in, one in the beginning stages, and one that will kind of grow on its own. See you next week, where hopefully most of these numbers will change.

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