Wordcount Wednesday

Christian Cross Made Of AshNot just Wordcount Wednesday, but Ash Wednesday as well. I hope you all got your ashes in church tonight.

That sounded better in my head just now.

I honestly didn’t expect to make a lot of headway this week. The beginning of Lent is a very busy time for pastors and I had a to-do list a mile long.

But then I got sick. Not so sick that I couldn’t move, but sick enough that I figured it would be best to lie low so I wouldn’t be incapacitated sick later in the week. That meant that I had some time to write. And I put that time to good use.

As of right now, the first book in the Iron Staff trilogy stands at 11,161 words. That means that, over the past seven days, I was able to add 7,453 words to the manuscript.

Wow. That number is a lot higher than I expected.

I don’t think every week will be that good going forward. I’m still waiting for edits for The Hive and there’s that whole Lent business that will take up some time.

But all in all, not a bad week.

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