Wordcount Wednesday

So here we go, folks. The final edits for The Hive are in to the publisher. That can only mean one thing:

Except I stink at Hungry, Hungry Hippos. So let’s talk about Book 1 of The Iron Staff trilogy.

The past couple of weeks have been kind of rough in terms of writing time. Eking out the time has been tricky. But thanks to some time with some writer friends this past Monday, I was able to get some good mileage put on it. As of right now, the manuscript is at 28,271 words. That means that I’ve added 6,617 words.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to maintain that kind of momentum, what with Holy Week coming up and all. But we’ll see. The good thing is, I’m really liking the way the story is pulling together. It’s fun and I hope you all can see it someday.

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