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Okay, so break time is almost over for me. Kind of/sort of. I haven’t finished playing Dragon Age: Inquisition just yet, but I’m feeling the itch to do some more writing stuff.

Actually, I haven’t exactly taken a break per se. A few weeks ago, I spotted a Kickstarter for an anthology of short stories (which will likely have just closed by the time this post goes live) that would be accepting submissions through October. As I was reading the submission requirements, a story practically fell out of the sky and dropped into my brain. It was a fun one and, before I knew it, I was taking time out of my Dragon Age playing to do some more writing. And, this past Monday, I finished off this story.

I’m calling it Like Manna from the Heavens, and as of right now, it’s at 7,276 words. That’s a bit worrisome, since the upper limit for this particular anthology is 7,500 words. I mean, I’m under, but I haven’t done any rewriting or editing yet. I’m hoping I can squeak that count downward, just a little.

But once again, I need to let my brain rest for a bit. So I’m going to turn my energies back to The Iron Staff. When we last left my latest “literary” creation, I had finished it off at 101,578 words, which is a little over the target I had set for myself. Again, I know that I can get wordy and I’m pretty sure I can slice off some of that. But I’m starting to get the itch. It might still be a little too early to delve into this behemoth. I might need a little more emotional distance before I really get out the scalpel and start the operation. But it is tempting. Oh so tempting.

Anyway. That’s where we are, folks. Now it’s time for me to go send my Qunari Inquisitor off to save Thedas.

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  1. Your post of “Showing Our Faith” really came at the right time for me this week!
    My novel has a Kindle Scout Campaign now through 10/05/15. BREAKING THE SHACKLES ended up at 112,112 words with a Prologue, seventeen chapters, an Epilogue, and a Definitions Glossary. Three songs are partially used in this book and are written, sung, and recorded by me with professional Christian Producer Ron Short of NGS Media Group. They are up under my name at CD Baby.

    I still LOVE FAILSTATE and will be very happy to read more of your awesome work when I get mine done. Please take time to nominate my Christian Fantasy. You can see what it’s about at the Kindle Scout Campaign page under Tonja Klein at:

    When Kindle deems my book as marketable, anyone who nominates it will get a FREE Kindle copy! It’s FREE to nominate it at the link. My Pastor Tim Livingston, Church and Anime friends, some of my family, and some other writers that I read have already nominated it. I’m very thankful and pray this project will reach out to many who need a different way to see how Faith can move in amazing ways!

    Tonja Klein – TK ^___~ http://www.eirinth.com

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