Wordcount Wednesday

This past week has been fun! I’ve really enjoyed having Numb on the Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog Tour. I appreciated what everyone had to say. Some of it was very humbling. And other parts of it was…well, very humbling but in a different and not-nearly-as-fun way.

I got some work done this week too. Nothing spectacular, but here we go:

  • I did an edit on the Kynetic novella and sent it off to some beta readers to see if it looks good. I still need a title for this bugger.
  • I did a little pre-writing on my next project, the generation ship series. This one is kind of in flux right now. More on that later, I guess.
  • I learned how to use Scrivener from Lacy Williams.

Like I said, not a lot, but it feels good.


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