Wordcount Wednesday

Two steps forward, one step back.

In some ways, I think I did some good work this week. Right now, the GenShip project is at 19,777 words, meaning that I added around 4,603 words.

That’s right, I said “around.” Because earlier this week, I did a little editing pass over what I’ve written so far. I wanted to show my intrepid agent what I’ve been up to, and I didn’t want to send her a raw first draft. So I tweaked and rewrote here and there. In this case, it meant cutting some repetitious lines and tightening up some scenes. So I probably wrote more than it seems.

And as if that weren’t enough, I may be putting this project on hold for a little bit. An interesting opportunity has arisen (one that I can’t talk about just yet). But it’s something I need to pursue now, meaning the new project will go on the shelf, but only for a little while.

Because here’s the fun thing: while I may not have a title for this thing yet (and I may not until long after the manuscript is completed), I’m really enjoying how it’s coming together.

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