A Wibbley-Wobbley Timey-Wimey Dr. Who Idea Part III

Let’s wrap this story up, shall we? Over the previous two weeks, I’ve shared an idea I’ve had for a Dr. Who story and it’s time to share the ending.

So what’s been happening? The Doctor and his Companion have discovered that Jenny, the Doctor’s Daughter, was a prisoner on a planet called Atmaja and was on trial for the Time Lord’s crimes during the Last Great Time War. Although she was hostile toward him at first, her attitude changed after the Doctor saved her from execution. But now Jenny needs to find a place where she and her baby can be safe.

And the Doctor says he knows just the place.The Doctor, the Companion, and Jenny all board the TARDIS and leave Atmaja far behind. The Doctor is strangely quiet, ignoring the questions of both Jenny and the Companion about where they’re going.

A few moments later, the TARDIS lands and they leave, only to discover that they’ve landed somewhere on modern day Earth (my guess would be a city in England somewhere, but you never know). Jenny wants to go explore, but the Doctor won’t let her. Instead, he has a metal disc in his hand. He uses his sonic screwdriver on it and then presses it in Jenny’s hand.

“Will you please tell us what’s going on?” the Companion asks. “Why are we back on Earth?”

He doesn’t answer. Instead, the Doctor seems to be searching for something and finally he spots it. He leads Jenny and his Companion to a secluded, out of the way alley. He then turns to Jenny and takes her by the shoulders. “Now listen to me very carefully. In just a few moments, some men will be here, at the exact spot. Walk up to them and show them that disc. Once they see it, they’ll take you someplace where you and your child will be safe.”

Jenny hugs the Doctor and the Companion. She promises to always remember the Companion and suggests that she’ll name her child after the Companion. The Companion laughs off the idea and says that she’s always been partial to “Jacob for a boy, or Susan for a girl.”

Jenny nods. “I like those names. Jacob or Susan it is.”

The Doctor smiles enigmatically but doesn’t say a word. Instead, he says goodbye to Jenny one last time and takes the Companion by the arm and steers him/her out of the alley, leaving Jenny by herself.

The Companion tries to question the Doctor about what’s going on, but he doesn’t answer. Once they’re out of the alley, he explains:

“We’ve come to a very specific moment in time, a fixed point in time, in fact, a moment that cannot be changed by anything, not even a time-lock. In just a few moments…ah, there it is.”

From the alley comes the unmistakable sound of a TARDIS engine. The Companion is startled and tries to go back in, but the Doctor restrains him/her.

“You see, at this point, the Earth came to the attention to a certain race, one that you’re perhaps a bit familiar with. And this race just happened to send an expedition to investigate. This, my friend/dear, is the first time a Time Lord will ever set foot on this planet.”

The Companion peeks around the corner. Sure enough, a generic TARDIS appears close to Jenny. A door opens and two or three people in outlandishly wrong clothing steps out. Jenny hesitates, but then she approaches one of them and shows him/her the disc.

“So what did you give her?”

“That is a Time Lord sigil. Since our appearances are so fluid, we use those to detail our identities or, in this case, our parentage. It’s a way for us to identify each other in unusual circumstances. Like this one.”

“Don’t you want to see what’s happening?” the Companion asks.

“No, that’s all right, because I know all too well what’s happening here. You see, this is not only the day that Time Lords first came to Earth, it’s the day when one of those Time Lords discovered a mystery. Not just a daughter he never knew he had, but a planet of infinite complexity and startling character, unlike any he had ever seen. A planet he would find himself returning to time and again.”

Now the Doctor does peek around the corner and we see that Jenny is talking to one older gentleman in particular (although maybe not quite as old as in this picture):

First_Doctor_colourJenny is escorted into the other TARDIS. The other Time Lords follow her in, with the First Doctor the last one. And then the TARDIS fades from view.

And the Doctor and his Companion leave for their next great adventure.

So there we go. I don’t know if Steven Moffat and/or Brian Minchin will ever stop by my little corner of cyberspace, but gentlemen, if you want it, go ahead. All I ask for is a little acknowledgment. And the chance to meet Peter Capaldi.

What did you think? Did I miss a timey-wimey twist at all? Let me know in the comments below and, if you liked it, share with your friends.


  1. And now I’ve fallen in love with this idea! Somebody call the show runners immediately!

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