A Wibbley-Wobbley Timey-Wimey Dr. Who Idea Part I

I’ve mentioned this before, but every now and then, my brain starts to drift in a fanfiction sort of a direction. A plot idea for an established property will start tumbling through my mind, gaining traction until it’s taking up serious mental real estate. I’ve discovered that it sometimes helps for me to clear that stuff out somehow. Those of you who hang around my blog have seen me do that a couple of different times for a few things.

Well, this one has been rolling around for a while now. I posted it on Facebook when I first had the idea. A few people seemed to like it. In spite of that, though, the idea just kept rolling. So I’m taking it to a “wider audience,” so to speak.

Here it is, folks, my Wibbley-Wobbley Timey-Wimey Dr. Who idea.

tardisThe Doctor and his companion (whoever that may be, given reports that Jenna Coleman’s run in the TARDIS will be over at Christmas) are traveling when they run into some very blatant hostility on a planet we’ll call Atmaja. More specifically, people are very angry to see the Doctor and the TARDIS. The Doctor and his companion can’t quite figure out why at first, but then the Doctor tumbles to the reason: the inhabitants of this planet got caught in the crossfire of the Last Great Time War. They remember the horrors unleashed by both the Daleks and the Time Lords. In many ways, their reaction to the Doctor is similar to what the Eighth Doctor encountered  shortly before he regenerated. To wit:

The Atmajans weren’t caught in the time lock that sealed away the whole mess, but they have very bitter memories of what they endured. As a matter of fact, they attempt to arrest the Doctor for crimes against the universe, but they’re stopped by one forward-thinking person (who we’ll call Theron) who points out that vengeance won’t undo centuries of violence.

“Besides, we’re already going to execute one Time Lord. Do we really need to kill another?”

That statement, of course, gets the Doctor’s attention. He corners Theron and asks him what he’s talking about. Theron reveals that a few months ago, a Time Lord showed up in an unknown type of spacecraft. When the Atmajans realized what she was, they immediately imprisoned her and she’ll soon be put on trial for the crimes of her people.

The Doctor is horrified at this idea. Yes, the Time War was a horror that is mercifully over now, but for all they know, this captured Time Lord is just an innocent civilian. “We did have those, you know.”

Theron agrees, but he says that he’s one of the few. Everyone on Atmaja is looking forward to this show trial as a way to vent their considerable anger. The Doctor asks if the Time Lord will have defense counsel. Theron says that technically, she should, but due to the political climate, it’s unlikely that anyone will take up the defense.

“Well, then it’s a good thing that I’m here,” the Doctor says.

He produces the psychic paper and shows it to Theron. Apparently it shows that the Doctor is licensed to serve as a barrister on Atmaja. He demands to see the Time Lord prisoner immediately.

Theron leads the way to the prison. The Doctor is ushered into a visitation room and told to wait.

The Doctor’s Companion is a little freaked out. The whole “being on a planet that wants to kill the Doctor” is worrisome, to say the least. It seems dangerous to stick around for someone that the Doctor might not even know.

The Doctor blows off the Companion’s concerns. He tells him/her that for centuries, he believed he was the only survivor of the Time War and that, in many ways, he actually was. “The Time Lords were supposed to be a bastion of civilization in a universe where entropy reigned. If this person is a Time Lord, then I owe her any help I can give.”

“So why would you start now, Dad?”

The Doctor and the Companion turn around to see that the prisoner has entered the room too:

jennyThat’s right. The Time Lord prisoner is none other than Jenny, the Doctor’s Daughter.

Aaaaaand…. that’s where we’re going to stop for this week. I know, that’s not a full episode. But this post has gone on long enough. I’ll share more of my idea next week.

In the meantime, if you like this idea so far, be sure to share it on Facebook and Twitter. The more Whovians, the merrier.

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