You know, I keep forgetting how good Tosca Lee really is.

That’s not her problem. It’s totally mine and I’ll completely own up to it. I don’t know why it happens, but every time I read a new book by her, I’m reminded how much of a literary powerhouse she really is. She has a way of taking a story, especially one that you might think is all too familiar, and makes it sing and weave into your mind and heart. Reading a novel by Tosca Lee is not just mere escapism. It’s diving into a work of art.

I was reminded of this fact thanks to the delectable morsel that is Ismeni, a short ebook prequel to her soon-to-be-published The Legend of Sheba: Rise of a Queen.

Ismeni_3Ismeni is the story of a young girl from the kingdom of Saba, one who is born with a rather unusual curse. She was born under the Dog Star and she is beautiful and has been from an early age. For some reason, her people believe that she is cursed. She has to hide her beauty behind a veil.

But beauty like Ismeni’s simply cannot be hidden. And maybe she has been cursed, because her beauty makes it impossible for her to have what she truly wants.

This story is short. I was able to polish it off in somewhere around an hour. But it’s a great way to get an appetizer to whet your hunger for the greater feast to come.

And have I mentioned that the ebook is free? No? That’s an important point, I think.

If you’ve never experienced Tosca Lee, this is the perfect preview. But be forewarned: once you’ve had a taste, you’ll be hooked. And you’ll be very thankful that you are.

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