Wordcount Wednesday

It’s been a while since I’ve done this. I could go through all the excuses or reasons why I haven’t done this. Part of it has been because I hit something of a dry spell in terms of writing. Part of it is because, well, video games.

Sweet, sweet video games

Click on the picture to see what I mean


But in the last few weeks, I’ve been getting more and more excited about an idea that I had. It’s a continuation of my Ministrix series, a trilogy that I’m calling The Iron Staff trilogy. I started writing the first book last week and I’m liking how it’s coming together.

So here’s where it stands right now. Book 1 is currently at 3,708 words. It’s a modest start, but I’m looking forward to adding to it.

Hopefully I’ll have more progress to report week-to-week, but then again, Lent starts next Wednesday. So we’ll see.


  1. Thanks for the update John: I’m really excited to dive more into the Ministrix world.

  2. Cool! I’m excited for you, John! 🙂

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