Darkshire Woods: The Heir – The Set Up

So a few weeks back, I wrapped up a very long series of me rambling about an idea that will never get off the ground Star Trek fanfiction. Seriously. I never dreamed that my ideas for Starfleet Academy would take so long to dig out of my skull. But hey, it’s over, but that left me wondering…

What should I do on Fridays now?

I kind of like the idea of telling a story on Fridays on my blog, but what should I do?

Then I got to thinking about a roleplaying game that I’ve only had the chance to play twice (but both times were a riot) and the gears started turning and I decided, hey, maybe it’s time to dip my toe in the fantasy waters a little and see what happens.

But, since it’s me, I decided to up the difficulty even further.

Maybe I should explain it this way:

So there we have it. I have some relationship ideas to play with. Tune in soon to see what I come up with!

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Oh, and if you’re interested in the resources I used to get started on this project, what you’ll need is the Fiasco Rule Book, the Fiasco Companion, and my custom playset, Darkshire Woods.


  1. This is so cool. Haven’t quite finished the video because I need to pack to go away tonight (my wedding anniversary). I fall in the same camps as you – outliner and plot first so I am really interested to watch how this goes. Bring it on.

  2. You really put a lot of effort into producing this… both the game/story project itself and the video. Leet skills.

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