Darkshire Woods: The Heir – The Set Up

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So a few weeks back, I wrapped up a very long series of me rambling about an idea that will never get off the ground Star Trek fanfiction. Seriously. I never dreamed that my ideas for Starfleet Academy would take so long to dig out of my skull. But hey, it’s over, but that left me wondering…

What should I do on Fridays now?

I kind of like the idea of telling a story on Fridays on my blog, but what should I do?

Then I got to thinking about a roleplaying game that I’ve only had the chance to play twice (but both times were a riot) and the gears started turning and I decided, hey, maybe it’s time to dip my toe in the fantasy waters a little and see what happens.

But, since it’s me, I decided to up the difficulty even further.

Maybe I should explain it this way:

So there we have it. I have some relationship ideas to play with. Tune in soon to see what I come up with!

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Oh, and if you’re interested in the resources I used to get started on this project, what you’ll need is the Fiasco Rule Book, the Fiasco Companion, and my custom playset, Darkshire Woods.

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  1. This is so cool. Haven’t quite finished the video because I need to pack to go away tonight (my wedding anniversary). I fall in the same camps as you – outliner and plot first so I am really interested to watch how this goes. Bring it on.

  2. You really put a lot of effort into producing this… both the game/story project itself and the video. Leet skills.

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