Geek Confessional: An Honor to be Nominated

Okay, so it’s been a while since I’ve been in the Confessional. The tail end of Lent can be a bit busy time for pastor-type people. But now that we’re past Easter, I think it’s time to start wrapping this series up. We’ve got a few more entries to go.

But to understand where The Hive came from and got into print, we need to talk about what it’s like to be nominated for a major award.

Four of my books have been nominated for awards. The first three were finalists for the Christy Award. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s one of the most prestigious awards in Christian publishing. It’s kind of a big deal. So when my debut novel, Failstate, was named as a finalist in 2013, it came as something of a shock. I even bought a new suit and flew down to St. Louis for the awards ceremony:

One of the best parts of the ceremony was hanging out with my agent.

Unfortunately, Failstate didn’t win. I had an acceptance speech all ready but it we never used.

Two more of my books were finalists for Christy Awards. Numb was nominated in 2014, and Failstate: Nemesis was up in 2015.  In the last two cases, I didn’t win either. And you know what, it’s all good. The chances of one of my books actually winning was slim. I was up against some tough competition and so it was good.

Now The Hive actually won an award in 2016, the Genre Award:

But I”m getting ahead of myself. Before we get to winning awards, we need to talk about where The Hive came from. But that’s for next time.



  1. Awesome info, Writer Bro! It is an ongoing passion and continuous work to even get the book “out there’ let alone be nominated for any awards, so I’m really proud of you even though you didn’t win! I just got my first iPhone last night…yep, I am now officially part of the 21st century! *LOL* You’d think as a webpage designer I’d had one long ago, but even though my IT Tech Hubby and I use technology, we are not driven by it. I have to say getting to have a Face Time call with him today for the first time was WAY COOL! I have the PayPalHere App now so I’ll be able to take credit card sales at the Dayton Book Expo on the 29th. Can’t wait to hear more about HIVE next time! LUV YA BUNCHES IN JESUS WITH HUGS, HOPE, & HAPPY TCK HOPS! Tonja Condray Klein ^__~

  2. Congratulations for the award. By the way, out of the five books you’ve written, you won the award for my least favorite of the five! (If I remember correctly, your first two Failstate books were in the top three of my favorites I read in 2015, and Nemesis and Numb were in the same slots in 2016, with Hive being I believe #6 in 2016 (out of 24 books total). (And no, the unnominated book wasn’t my favorite – Nemesis would have that honor.)

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