Geek Confessional: I’m a Gilmore Guy

I took a few weeks off from the confessional, what with The Hive’s release and all (you’ve ordered your copy, right?). But this past Monday, I saw some news that made me realize I had to get back into the confessional once again.

A Gilmore Girls revival is apparently in the works at Netflix.

gilmore girlsAnd I’ll admit it. When I saw the news, I squee-ed like a tiny little girl. That’s because I’m a fan. A big time fan.

Let me put it to you this way: we own the complete series on DVD. Ostensibly, this was for my wife’s benefit. She was the original fan in our household. But in reality, even though the gift tag always had her name on it, it was a semi-bowling-ball-named-Homer, something that I actually wanted for myself too.

People who used to follow my original blog shouldn’t be surprised by this confession. I used to post stuff about Gilmore Girls a lot. For example, I posted when the show was wrapping up. I posted some post-mortem thoughts on the show after watching all the DVDs with my wife. I once contributed to friend’s blog series about the Girls. I’ve often wondered what the mythical final four words would have been. I’ve even gotten into lengthy debates with people about which boy was right for Rory (I still wish she would have given Marty a chance, but I’m starting to be more of a Team Jess guy).

Yes, I know. Technically, I should turn in my man card at some point, but I’m not gonna.

So why would a speculative fiction author like this show so much? I think, in many ways, that it’s the writing that hooked me and kept me hooked. Yes, there are the usual teen drama type stuff that happens (the whole Dean/Jess love triangle, for example). And there are times when Lorelai’s immaturity bugs me beyond reason. But at the same time, the writers were able to cram dozens if not hundreds of pop culture references into just about every episode, some of which left me scratching my head, some of which left me laughing out loud.

In many ways, I like this show for the same reason that I like Mystery Science Theater 3000. Both shows employed out-of-left field referential humor that just crackles when it works.

So when the show comes back to Netflix, I’ll be there with the popcorn. Who’s with me?

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