Geek Confessional: Fus Roh Uh-Oh

I used to play Skyrim like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee…

Okay, it’s an old meme, but it kind of fits this time around. Let me back up and make my confession all right and proper.

I still haven’t finished playing Skyrim.

I know, that seems like an odd thing to confess, but lately, I’ve discovered that my taste in video games has changed a little bit and I’m not quite sure I like it. I used to love the big, huge, Triple-A titles like Bioshock and the Mass Effect trilogy. Long, deep stories? Bring it on, baby! So I had heard all sorts of great things about Skyrim, but I didn’t get it. Budgetary concerns. When it went on sale on Steam, I jumped at the chance to purchase it and dive into the rich world of the Dragonborn.

And I had a lot of fun, exploring the world, navigating the tricky politics, fighting brigands and dragons and all that. Thanks to the Steam sale, I was also able to snag the DLCs as well, so I also built myself a couple of houses and fought off a horde of vampires and…and…

And then I kind of lost interest at some point along the way.

I don’t remember when, exactly, that happened. Steam tells me that the last time I played was back in July, but I know it’s been longer than that. Maybe I started up the game to see where I had left off? Who knows for sure? I don’t even know how far along in the main questline I was. I barely remember any of the details about my character or anything like that. I think she was a mage? Maybe? That sounds about right.

Unfortunately, I see this trend happening with other games too. I just don’t have the attention span (or the time to invest) in games that take hour after hour after hour to complete. After finishing my last manuscript, I wanted to reward myself by playing DragonAge Inquisition (another game that I had waited to go on sale). And I did pretty good, but once again, I haven’t been playing it as often as I did. I’m worried that one may peter out too.

So what am I playing now? Shorter games. Things like 80 Days (which I reviewed yesterday). Lately, I’ve gotten back into Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm. And Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void is coming out in a few weeks (although I’m worried that my trouble in making it through RPGs will extend to RTSs). But eventually, maybe, I’ll make it back to Skyrim. My guess is I’ll probably have to start all over again.

What do you think? Should I cut my losses? Or should I try to pick it up again someday? Let me know in the comments. And while you’re at it, let me ask you a question in return: What nerdy thing have you given up on halfway through?

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